Reteaching Beauty

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I heard David Bazan (of Pedro the Lion fame) speak about Galway Kinnell. I respect Bazan’s songwriting and figured I should read what he was reading. Just a few minutes ago, I finally acted on that notion and I am blown away. I have lots of thoughts and grand notions about things to write and all… Continue Reading

Max Lucado – Out Live Your Life

This was the first time I have ever read anything by Max Lucado, besides the occasional tweet anyway. I really didn’t know what to expect. Sure, I’d heard a few of his UpWords radio devotionals, but I really didn’t know much about his body of work. Truth be told, I probably would be in the… Continue Reading

Amazing Grace (The Lost & Found Version)

Amazing Grace is probably the most recognizable sacred songs of all time.  There are many different versions of the song. It’s played at all types of gatherings, whether it be worship services, funerals, during intense battle scenes, and more.  There’s even been a major motion picture about the song, but it’s amazing how little most… Continue Reading

Plan B by Pete Wilson

“Plan B” is a great book by Nashville pastor Pete Wilson. The book tackles the issue of what to do when things don’t work out according to our own plans. I felt the central theme of the book is: “When life isn’t turning out the way we had hoped, we almost always default as if… Continue Reading

The 8 Best Shows You’ve Never Seen

It’s pretty easy to find foreign films and even easier to find foreign bands, but when it comes to TV, the same does not hold true. It seems rather odd that most other countries, especially the English-speaking ones, regularly air American shows, but not with American broadcasting.  Most American TV studios insist on retooling good/successful… Continue Reading

He Is Risen

Holidays seem to bring about an abundance of posts, but I’ll keep this one rather short. This is a tweet from last year from singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts. I was stuck by the power of its simplicity. This is a video for a song I mentioned in my soudtrack for Easter post.  It’s by Mineral, who… Continue Reading

A Soundtrack For Easter

Earlier today I watched the Good Friday movie from Mars Hill during it’s live stream for Sydney (you can catch it throughout the day here), and a few things occurred to me.  One of those ideas was to put together a playlist of my favorite Easter songs. Some of these are blatant, some are oblique,… Continue Reading